El Convento De Santa Catalina

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“Silent women? Go figure!”

If you enjoy peace and quiet, then you’ve probably not come to the right place. Going back hundreds of years ago, it may have been one of the most peaceful places on the planet as it was full of nuns who had vowed silence. Silent women? Go figure! These days, the Santa Catalina Monastery is full of annoying and loud tourists that get in your way when you try to take photos.

Apart from the above, I love old style Spanish architecture and gardenscape design concepts. I had a blast taking photos of pots, walls and doors. Yes, believe it. I also gawked in dumbfoundedness at the way they (not sure if it was the nuns or modern day gardeners) used lantana plants to decorate some walls (as climbing vines) as they are considered a weed and pest in Australia and most gardeners can’t cut these down fast enough.

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