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Keeping bees

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Keeping bees is a fun and relaxing hobby (if you don’t get stung!). I had no idea how honey was made and how bees interacted before I invested in my first FlowHive. Their hierarchy and relationship to their queen, their breeding cycle and the distance they fly to look for flowers are just some of the fascinating reasons for¬†keeping bees.

Investing in a Beehive has been a calculated venture – even though it is an expensive hobby there are a lot of returns on investment. My good neighbour Rudi was complaining that his veggie garden wasn’t getting polinated as the flowers of his tomatoes and zucchinis were dropping and not providing any fruit. ¬†We will have free, fresh honey, we are learning about something totally new, and are doing our part for nature.

Charcoal grilled fresh water fish in Quistococha

Sausages are dead

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Sausages are dead.

if you’re a true blue Aussie and pride yourself BBQ’ing sausages on a gas burner, think again. When you buy sausages, you’re at the mercy of the butcher who processed them. You have no idea what’s in them (cartilage, ligaments, fat), unless you’re lucky enough to have a label that clearly explains what ingredients were used in making them. Even then, manufacturing processes can’t fully control factors such as humans cutting corners or flies dropping into the mixing batch. And do you know what is the allowable percentage of fat content in your sausages? Do you even know what that tube the sausages are encased in is made of? Is it a dissolvable synthetic material or animal’s intestine?

Have you ever tried something other than sausages? For example Turkish/Uyghur lamb skewers (with cumin, salt and paprika) or Russian pork and onion “shashlik“? – you say you haven’t? You really are in for a gastronomical delight!

Australia, it’s time to rethink your meat purchases for the old traditional Aussie BBQ. And while we’re at it, let’s not just stop at purchasing sausages, let’s rethink how we cook our meat. Are you using a gas BBQ? Oh my lord, it’s time to go to your local BBQ vendor and drag yourself out of your stereotypical nightmare and into 2016.

In this day and age, you want to be cooking with red hot coals on a hot grill – your taste buds will thank you for it. Can you begin to imagine the depth of flavours you can achieve from cooking with seasoned Australian hardwood? When you cook with coals, the fat renders off the meat and drips onto the burning ambers, this gives off a smoke that encapsulates your meat. You can’t obtain the same depth from cooking on a gas burner. At best, the solidified fat on your flame tamer catches on fire and those flames burn your sausages for a distasteful bitterness – if this makes you happy, then I do feel sorry for you.