Nosey Board

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Nosey board – A fun, karma giving plastic sign that just wants to tell your neighbour(s) “Hello, I am here and I am looking at you!” – all the time.

The board is made from tough, durable polypropylene plastic (same as Coke platic bottles). The image printed on the sign is one of an angry neighbour with a rain cloud over its head. Every day is a rainy day for this neighbour. You will also notice the sticky beak/pointy nose that can’t help itself from poking over the fence… tisk tisk.


Ever tried to send a clear message to your neighbours without initiating pointless conversations and arguments but didn’t know how to? With the new Nosey Board, you’ll have your neighbour scratching his (or her) head. A Nosey Board is a tough, durable and weather proof plastic sign that has an image of a nosey neighbour printed on it (our very own DearNeighbour image). The nosey board sits on the fence, or on a post, or on your car and constantly and incessantly looks over the fence and keeps an eye on your neighbours. It is sort of like Karma – you look at me, I look at you, I look at you looking at me, and round and round we go.

We can send you the rectangular board so you can cut it yourself, or we can cut out the profile as per your request.

The Nosey Board can be cut and drilled in many different configurations so it can be attached to structures such as your front fence, side fence, other side fence, rear fence, a pole or post, motor vehicle etc… etc… You can even hang it from a tree or stick it in your window. The possibilities are limitless.

Check the product gallery photographs for ideas.

*** NOTE: Dog, rope and brick not included ***

Nosey Board Product specifications:

Nosey Boards are made from tough, durable and weatherproof corrugated polypropylene plastic.
Dimensions are: 4.0 mm thick and 686mm x 457mm in size.

Price includes GST and postage to your address.

If the Nosey Board is too much for you, try one of our friendly Nosey Neighbour postcards.

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