Brisbane woofired pizza oven – by Papa Gomez

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Brisbane woofired pizza oven – by Papa Gomez

“…None of this thick carboard style, sausage and cheese crust filled, tasteless Frisbees they sell in franchise owned restaurants…”

So , you love pizzas, eh?

Well, what do you know?? So do I!!! As a matter of fact, pizzas are my favourite food group in the whole wide world… Not that I eat pizzas every day (I would if I wasn’t so conscious of my waistline), but I do have an enormous appreciation for a great rustic Italian pizza.

Roll the clock back to circa 1982, when my parents took me to a restaurant called “La Siesta” in Geneva. I had the Quattro Stagioni and automatically fell in love with the flavours and smell of pizzas, and more importantly those covered with anchovies and capers. I would probably get crucified in Australia for saying this (and I do apologise to my friends in advance) – I don’t believe in pizza toppings such as pineapple, sour cream, potatoes, minced meat and chicken. When it comes to pizzas, I personally believe in tradition and only vouch on Italian classics – including Margarita, Capricciosa, Napoletana, Marinara, Il Diavolo, Quattro Formaggi and of course my favourite. Thin crust with few, fresh toppings. None of this thick carboard style, sausage and cheese crust filled, tasteless Frisbees they sell in franchise owned restaurants.

Many, many years ago, I had this a idea of building my own woodfired pizza oven. I would use my hooded gas BBQ to cook pizzas (which worked much better than an electrical oven as it gave the dough a better flavour). I even bought a slab of granite and had it cut to size and polished so it would fit inside my BBQ – the granite started to show cracks after a few firings and didn’t work as well as I would have hoped. I also bought a few pizza stones. They were excellent as the porous surface absorbed the moisture from the dough and made the base crunchy. But ultimately, I knew that no other cooking implement would beat that of a traditional wood fired oven…

It was really worth all the effort building the oven!!

It was really worth all the effort building the oven!!

And that is how my mission began… (I will be adding more photos to this gallery over time as I continue and complete this project.) I should also show my gratitude and thank for their oven plans and extremely helpful instructions.

Oh and I almost forgot – I could not have done this without the physical help of Fred, Vitaly, Koray and the Russians, and the motivational support of my beautiful wife Letty. Thank you so much guys!!

14 thoughts on “Brisbane woofired pizza oven – by Papa Gomez

  1. Nathan Klingberg

    Love it . puts my little oven to shame . Hope the winch works for you. Nathan @ Cabbage tree pt.

  2. Marty

    I must say Mr Gomez, I find your blog overwhelmingly entrigueing. My beanie is off as I wright. Congratulations to you on your accomplishment, and not in the least your family. Marty. X

  3. maite

    Mon cher Henry Bravo por todo ese trabajo pero ha valido la pena te ha quedado muy lindo y seguro q tus pizzas estan buenisimas un abrazo para toda la familia

  4. Nathan

    I am curious, No chimney? where does the smoke go.. I also want to build a pizza oven and this blog has helped so much. but where does the smoke go??

    1. e-regular Post author

      Hey Nathan,

      If you take a close at the front entrance of the oven (in the photographs), you’ll notice the first arch is slightly lower than the second arch. The gap between these arches is hollow and serves as the chimney flue – this guides the smoke up, up and away! The oven only smokes a little upon initiating the fire, once it takes off there is no smoke that comes out as the heat contained in the oven burns all gases.



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