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Dear Dickhead Neighbour

Dear Dickhead Neighbour ,

I sometimes feel compelled to expose you for your wealth of ignorance, primitive demeanor and plethora of stupidity. I sometimes also want to show the world your lack of integrity and limited intellect.

I then take a moment and think “let sleeping dogs lie…”. But this is not possible, you see. It is not possible because you, Dear Dickhead Neighbour, have a strong, false sense of pride and are too moronic to know when you’ve lost and it’s time to “let it go”. Perhaps you should watch Walt Disney’s Frozen and learn a thing or two about life and how to treat others.

I always thought villains such as Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden hold their rightful place in the history books. And, it would be absolutely justifiable and necessary for someone to create a “shrine” in your honour – the shrine of Dickhead Neighbours. Where anyone could read about the moronic stories of the incredibly dull imbeciles.

The key is to turn something lackluster, petty and vile, into something worthy, enjoyable and beautiful.

Some awesome individual has done exactly that, created a shrine where all the Dear Dickhead Neighbours from Australia and around the world are worshipped in all their glory!

Click here to go to the “Dear Neighbour” Shrine.

Fart Gas

Fart Gas

Sergent Garcia

“… you could tell Zorro liked him and had a slight penchant towards the sergent (not in a sexual way, of course) …”

I just love the integration of social networks and the way you can embed, link and drill-down into a multi-coloured rainbow of information, media and lolly-pops.

Sergent Garcia

Sergent Garcia

I wanted to share a song with the world and post a link to the social music website SoundCloud (it’s great site for bedroom DJ’s). The song I have posted below was done by that dude Sergent Garcia¬†from that show Zorro.

Garcia was a slow and dossile sergent in a TV show I used to watch as a child. He was the lovable, hug-able comic relief. Always getting himself into some form of slapstickery humour, falling off horses and what not. Although he was a representative and enforcer of the law, you could tell Zorro liked him and had a slight penchant towards the sergent (not in a sexual way, of course). Zorro would mock him and turn our dearly beloved sergent into a farce. Yes, he was a bit slow on the takes, but damn he made great music!