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Giving the pig some TLC

How to roast a pork in a wood fired oven

How to roast a pork in a wood fired oven

How to roast a pork in a wood fired oven you ask? Well this was my first attempt at roasting a pork in my wood fired pizza oven. I had seen pork cooked in a bakery oven in Cuba previously and I had cooked a few pigs on the spit but never in my pizza oven.

I have to admit, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but it came out pretty damn good!

I do have a few guidelines that I’d like to share with you, this is based on my personal experience and on articles I read on other websites.

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Kubaneando was held at the Spanish Centre on the 27th of September 2014.

All the greats were present for the Kubaneando fiesta- Dj Kubanito, Eric Turro, El Moro, Chukale, Romina Anaquin and yours truly “Mr Mojito” with his timbiriche. This one was a night to be remembered. I am almost certain that even those souped up on Mojitos would remember the spectacular dancing of El Moro and Romina Anaquin (see photos below), the soulstifying grooves of Chukale, and the ever so gargantuan presence of Dj Cubanito.

A cake in the shape of a domino with the Cuban flag decorated over it was up for grabs in the raffle. The theme was obviously Cuba – and even though there was a poor turnout for the Cuban Domino tournament, the Cuban Rum flowed in quantities, Cuban salsa was on the dance menu, Cuban Arroz Congri and bistek Cubano.

I had brought large quantities of organic mint and fresh limes from the garden, and the newly built timbiriche (beach kiosk/bungalow) was a great success!

Some of the guests came in a mini-bus from Northern New South Whales – they were here for the salsa workshop and also for my Mojitos!

The Kubaneando party was a great night. I had a blast, I am sure that next year will be even bigger!

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