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Rocklea Reds

In Brisbane, there are two types of flowering trees that stand out from the rest – they are Poinciana‘s and Jacaranda‘s. During my time as a student at UQ (Saint Lucia campus) and a footballer at New Farm Park, I used to have a great appreciation for Jacaranda trees. I loved the subtle and relaxed feeling of the purple flowers – they give you a sense of zen.

Then I moved to the suburb of Rocklea.

Flamboyant poinciana

The firey red – sign of passion.

Flamboyant Poiciana bokeh - pardon the pun

Shot on Canon FL 55mm f/1.2 lens

There is a tree down the street where I live that was flowering late last year. Since I got myself a new (old) Canon FL 55mm f/1.2 lens, I just had to go down and take some photos. That tree, in its flamboyant greatness, screams fire and passion. I took one of the pods I found on the ground and planted 3 seeds, all of which have since sprouted and are now growing. I will be planting one in my front yard to carry on the legend of the Rocklea Reds.

As a side note and worth mentioning here, the exhaust towers for the Clem 7 tunnel were covered in colours representing Jacaranda’s and Poinciana. The tower at The Gabba is covered in purple panels, and the one at Bowen Hills, is covered in red panels. In this article, local residents of the Gabba complained about the “monstrosity” that had been built there. I personally could not have thought of a better way to cover a tunnel exhaust and the idea of the Jacaranda and Poinciana colours is quite cool – IMHO.


Poinciana boken.

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Letty and Zombies

Paddington Zombies

“…. Go to your garden and grab a hand-full of leaves, grass, dirt, sand, pebbles, dog doodoo and splash it on your face…”

Twas’ Nirvana’s 27th birthday party and the zombies came out to play… For some reason, there were more Britney zombies than other types of zombies. There was zombie punch, zombie posters, zombie food, eerie blood zombie lighting and even a zombie slayer.

Zombie Girls

The Paddington Zombie Girls

We had a blast.

Ok, I have received a lot of questions about how zombie skin is made… Well, there are a number of ways – but the cheapest is very simple and I should get royalties for sharing my “secret” recipe with the world.

How to make zombie skin (Zombie Skin Recipe):

I use water and flour. Simple. Water and flour, apply it on your skin after you’ve mashed it to a gooey/sticky consistency (but not too runny). Then you can add jam (preferably one that has dark red berries – boysenberry jam works well).Go to your garden and grab a hand-full of leaves, grass, dirt, sand, pebbles, dog doodoo and splash it on your face, arms and hands… Whatever tickles your fancy – and presto! Bob’s your uncle.

Henry Gomez

Zombie man

!! A word of warning !!

This mix will dry, itch and stretch your skin – it’ll hurt like hell after a few hours and it gets very uncomfortable. Then the fun part is removing it from your skin, and hair. I understand what women go through when they wax. Oh the pain! I would suggest shaving those body parts where you plan to apply the mix.

The second method is used to make scabs, lacerations, and vile looking infections on your skin. You can purchase liquid latex from costume shops and mix it with toilet paper. Build layers up on top of one another and form the laceration as required!

Thanks for an awesome night Nirvana!