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Photoshop brushart

In all honesty, I have no idea what I’m doing. That’s right, totally clueless… I downloaded a bunch of Photoshop brushes and I was testing them out, all 3500 of them and came up with some rather interestingly, obscure and enlightening artistic “postcards”. I call this brushart.

I will add postcards when I get more time, but in the interim… here are a few. If you guys want to send some postcards, I can add them to this post. Criteria is as follows: 800 x 400 pixels, 24bit png’s… Must use Photoshop brushes…

Jurassic 4 - This jungle is making me hungry.

Jurassic 4 – This jungle is making me hungry.

Samurai in bamboo field.

Samurai in bamboo field.

Angry Samurai.

Angry Samurai.


Autumn feel to this postcard.


Grunge black scratch.


Celestial snowflake – needs more pink unicorns.


Dum Bass – green oil on digital canvas.


Purple Haze.


I see you.


Will you marry me – Brushart postcard of veils.