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Plantswap revisited and revamped

Plantswap revisited and revamped – Like the title says, and after spending over 12 months of my own personal time and finance, I have finally revamped the Plantswap website. It is now bigger and better than ever before! Well, not really bigger, or at least not until people start using it and posting photos of plants they are looking to buy, looking for free, want to get rid of, or want to sell.

I have added some new functionality and a lick of paint.

  • Members can now add photos of their plants and a map marker of the location of the plant on the map of Australia.
  • To maintain privacy, users can now post their plants by suburb only (rather than having the full address or personal details showing), and communication is all done through an internal messaging app – so their email address is safe.
  • New social interaction functionality has been introduced including member profile (you can upload photos of your garden), following of members, internal messaging, ratings of plant Ads, Member reviews and Badge system.
  • The map of Australia shows member’s plants and the location of the plant.
  • You can search for plants by category, location, or plant name.
Plantswap - For plantlovers and greenthumbers.

Plantswap – For plantlovers and greenthumbers. Australia’s first, free online website dedicated to plantswapping.


Plantswap member profile to show off your goodies, and talk a little bit about yourself.

Plantswap member profile to show off your goodies, and talk a little bit about yourself.

Plantswapping is easy!

Adding a new plant advertisement on Plantswap is straight forward and easy.

Gardeners of the world unite…

Plantswap is here!

The new plantswap.com.au website is finally here for all you gardeners to enjoy! The concept is quite simple, you join by registering  your free user account and start posting in forums. Imagine you’d just cleaned out your garden, and have a bunch of plants you are about to take to the tip, but instead you’ve put a post on plantswap… Imagine the joy that another plant lover would see the post and contact you by email and he/she organises to come over to take the plants away for you – that’s pretty awesome right?! It’s a win-win situation. In other instances, you may even be able to get some free help – for example if you have a bamboo grove you no longer like and you put an ad on plantswap.com.au asking for people to come over and dig up the bamboo and take it home for free. That’s another win-win situation.

Obviously the site is moderated for people looking for marijuana and other such “exotic” and illegal plants.

I came up with this idea since my wife has been looking for a banana plantain sucker to use in our cooking. This plant is quite popular in South East Asia and Latin America. I am aware that there are plantain trees in Australia but have not been able to find one. Does anyone have one they would like to part with? I have a bunch of plants I could swap you for it!